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ARCAMOSS is a strong moss and algae killer for use on roofs, terraces, facades, walls and floors.  Once sprayed on, ARCAMOSS leaves no trace, film or product residue and will not change the aspect or the colour of the surface treated.

Environment friendly if application instructions are followed carefully, ARCAMOSS is not hazardous to children, pets and plants and will eliminate moss, algae, mildew and most common micro-organisms on any type of building surface: stone, tiling, cement, concrete, mortar, ceramic coatings or stucco walls, terraces, facades, roofs and floors.

ARCAMOSS must be used to eliminate moss and mildew before applying the following waterproofing products to the surface:

ARCAROOF: a very efficient an comprehensive solution to waterproofing problems on roofs often used in conjunction with our reinforcing fabric

ARCAMESH to treat water infiltration through flashings, construction and expansion joints and cracks.

ARCACEM which will waterproof your basements and other underground structures as well as water reservoirs, tanks, swimming pools and basins.

ARCACEM S2 particularly adapted to waterproofing patios, decks, terraces and tiled flooring.





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